autobabes i-Mag

autobabes i-Magazine is a bi-monthly downloadable i-Magazine featuring a cover girl and 2 feature models each edition, plus editorial on motorsport & top end sports cars.


  • To showcase Australian girls to the rest of the world and international models to Australia !
  • To unite genuine advertisers with a highly targeted global demographic of savvy consumers who see the internet and social media as an integral part of their lifestyle!

Company Overview

True internet magazine; fully downloadable and interactive! Celebrating all things beautiful; Cars, Girls and Life!


We were the first true internet magazine in the world on launch in January 2005. We remain Australia's longest lasting and by far most enduring.

We are a bi-monthly downloadable i-Magazine that features a cover girl and 2 feature models with each edition, plus editorial and features on motorsport and top end sports cars. Kind of like Top Gear meets Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! 

We hope you enjoy our content and we're always open to suggestions, critique and all feedback. Please feel free to communicate with us via

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